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Conference Panelist George White

The Center for Communications and Community is a journalism, research, and training institution working at the intersection of community and media development. The center seeks to fill the void between community stakeholders, the non-profit sector, media research scholars, working journalists, and policymakers interested in community development.

George White, a veteran journalist, is assistant director and editor of the center’s media operations, C3 Online – – and Context. C3 Online, a website, provides reports on communications and community development issues. It also provides research resources and tutorials for journalists and community stakeholders. Context is a journal that includes reports, commentaries, and analysis on media and communities. Journalists, academic researchers, and leading community stakeholders provide the content for Context. Each issue has a theme, providing a convergence of perspectives on one issue.

White also organizes the center’s public forums and communications workshops. The workshops, interactive engagements conducted nationwide, are designed to help improve local news coverage by building the communications capacity of community groups and nonprofits. Journalists often participate in the workshops to find new sources and to hear community-based perspectives on coverage.

Previously, White was a reporter at the Los Angeles Times. In 1992, he was a member of a team of Los Angeles Times journalists that won a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Los Angeles riots. The Los Angeles Press Club honored his riot coverage with an "Outstanding Dedication" citation in 1992. White was also a member of the 1994 Los Angeles Times team awarded a Pulitzer for reporting on the Northridge earthquake.

In addition, White's reports on apparel sweatshops – including a 1995 exclusive on sweatshop slavery in El Monte, Ca. – prompted reforms in the nation's garment and retail industries.