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Restoring the Trust

Conference Mini-Expo

What is the Restoring the Trust Mini-Expo?

In the evening after the August 9 Restoring the Trust conference, we are setting up a reception with food and drink, plus a mini-expo. Foundations, graduate schools, journalism oriented nonprofits and other support groups such as the Poynter Institute will also be invited to have an "expo" table or booth. Each group will conduct one-on-one or small group discussions with the conference attendees on how to build public trust with people of color, small communities, online communities, youth and everyday news audiences. Some expo groups will use their time to recruit journalists and scholars to use their services for future trust building.

The goal for the attendees is to have a myriad of take home, useful ideas that can be implemented in their communities, newsrooms or classrooms. We will ask the expo presenters to have a plan, when possible, to get conference attendees involved in future training or follow-up.

In addition, those people who make the rounds and ask good questions will get play money that can be used at an auction for neat stuff.

Mini Expo Groups:

  • Media Bloggers Association
  • The Maynard Institute
  • Native American Journalists Association
  • Associated Press Managing Editors
  • Committee of Concerned Journalists
  • Online News Association
  • Poynter Institute
  • The ALANA Project
  • National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association
  • NewsTrust
  • Current Project for Student Journalistm/The Stanford Daily
  • UCLA's Center for Communications and Community
  • Bayoshpere
  • Washington (state) News Council
  • University of Alabama Graduate Program/Anniston Star
  • Center for Public Integrity (display only)
  • Free Press (display-only)

Are you involved in a journalism, trust, and or quality building organization? Interested in setting up a mini-expo table? It’s free. Contact Leonard Witt.